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Some Olde Crud

KRBZ 96.5 | Church of Lazlo

| May 12 | Kansas City | 4pm CT | 20 minute interview

WOCM-FM 98.1–Bulldog and Rude Awakening Show

| May 14 | Maryland! | 9:40am EST | 15 minute interview

Paul and Young Morning Show (syndicated FL)

| May 14 | Miami (and syndicated throughout Florida) | 10am EST

Coast to Coast AM
Get High Now went nationwide for a three hour interview from 11pm – 2am, Sunday, Oct 11. The show was an absolute blast. Thanks to host Ian Punnett and all the hot callers for making it happen. Listen to the show in its entirety on the Coast to Coast site.

Toward a Science of Consciousness is where I’ll be, scratching my head in the back of the Tucson, AZ Convention Center, April 13-18. I’ll be getting my little worldview eviscerated while listening and talking to the top scientists in consciousness research (both altered states and otherwise). Please bring me a warm Tecate in a can. I’ll need it.

UK’s Telegraph Newspaper awards ye olde site lucky #13 Best Educational Sites of 2009.

USA Today gets high off the good book.

BoingBoing brothers tell it like it is.

Topical Currents, WLRN Radio, NPR
| Nov 19 | Florida | 10am | Thirty minute interview.

Open Mind, WGVU Radio, NPR
| Nov 10 | Michigan | 11:30am | Thirty minute interview.

Literary Death Match | Oct 15 | SF
Currently sunburnt author, James Nestor, competing at the coolest of cool readerly events—Literary Death Match. Get High Now won! Wow!

Voice of America Radio | Oct 12 | Worldwide
Get High Now went international to 10 million listeners on V of A. Thirty minute interview with audio samples should air in late Oct. We’ll let you know.

The Pintek Tonight KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh PA
| Oct 19 | 5pm | Forty minute interview. This one went in some very weird directions. Listen here.

Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn
| Oct 21 | National | 10am | One hour interview. Oh wow.

The Lionel Show, Air America Radio
| Oct 29 | National | 5-goddamned-am | Thirty minutes. This guy is a character.

Expanding Mind, Progressive Radio Network
| Oct 29 | National | 11am | One hour interview.

Chile’s leading newspaper gives the good book front page treatment. Now, if I only knew what the hell it said.

GetHighNow.com is selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Sites of 2009!

And, finally, Get High Now will be coming soon to your town (that is, if you live in San Francisco, New York, or Naypyidaw). Sign up on the Talk page to get updates on the when and where of it all.