Syd Barrett–Dedicated Fractal Acid Words

Stare at the word. Keep staring. You’ll notice something amiss.

How It Works

This visual high works under the same premise as Fraser Spiral and Ouchi Goochi—by overwhelming the eyes with angles and counterangles. Instead of continuing with some long-winded information in which we’d just be repeating ourselves for the fifth time, we’ll inform you youngsters with some important rock history facts: Syd Barrett (1946 – 2006) was a founding member and vocalist/guitarist for (The) Pink Floyd, with whom he penned all the songs for the band’s epic first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. While touring for the album, Barrett would be so obliterated by LSD that he would play the same single chord on his guitar through every song of the set. Eventually, the other members of Pink Floyd kicked Barrett out of the band.

He went out on his own, and while steadily losing his sanity, recorded the magnificent solo album The Madcap Laughs, which was followed by the mournful, disjointed, and at times graceful Barrett. In the early 1970s Barrett’s mental facilities finally failed completely and he moved back to his childhood home where he would spend the rest of his life living with his mother in self-imposed exile.

If you want to see what life might have looked like through Syd Barrett’s eyes circa 1969, click play and stare at the image.