Yucatecan Trance Induction Beats

Yucatecan Trance Induction Beats follows a simple procedure, but, like most induction exercises, each participant must want to go there. You’ve got to believe, star-children.

Go lie on the floor or sit in a chair, wherever you’re most comfortable. Listen on headphones or through your stereo. While listening, focus your thoughts on the beating Tibetan drum. Relax. Concentrate on the rhythm. If you’re like any one of thousands of Yucatecan church goers, you too will be in walking the astral plane in 10 minutes. But what will happen if you listen to it for 30 minutes? Or longer? Find out.

Important Note: Because of the technical limitations of QuickTime, there is a *click* at the end of each one-minute loop in this audio sample. This may annoy some people during extended listening. Blame Steve Jobs.

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How It Works

In the late 1960s, anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman was hired by the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health to help investigate the religious trace states of 486 societies around the world. Her most revelatory findings weren’t in the drug-induced voodoo séances of Haiti or weeks-long meditation ceremonies of India, but in “conservative” Catholic churches throughout the Yucatan of southern Mexico. There, indigenous people had hybridized pagan beliefs with those of Christianity to create a weekly mass service unlike any other.

Part of the mass included Trance Induction Beats, in which a drummer would tap out a pulsing rhythm at 210 beats per minute on a hollow gourd for about a half hour. (A similar tempo was later discovered by scientists in the 1960s to induce the deeply relaxing Theta waves in the brain. See Theta Wave Brain Synchronization [LINK] Goodman discovered the pulsing drum rhythm was effective in lulling not a few, but all members of the church congregation into a deep trance, usually within the first ten minutes.

Wondering if the indigenous Yucatecs were just easily coaxed by Trance Induction Beats, Goodman tested the rhythm on a group of western students, many of whom were not prone to entering trances through other methods. Within fifteen minutes of Yucatecan Trance Induction Beats, every one of the students entered a hypnotic, trance-like state that lasted until the experiment was over.

Most HighLab members experienced dissociation within a few minutes; a deepening of the trance occured a few minutes later. After that, the path is yours. . .